About DC Chi Pie

DC Chi Pie Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Create the Best Pizza in DC.​

The Washington Post says “DC Chi Pie is heaven sent: Deep dish pizza with a local touch” and we couldn’t agree more. We are a family business and our founders were born and raised right here in Washington, DC.

Our founder Grant Thompson created DC Chi Pie after embarking on a personal journey to satisfy his wife’s cravings for the best chicago style deep dish pizza in DC. Unfortunately, he and his wife were left disappointed with the options for deep dish pizza in DC as well as the price to get a good deep dish pizza delivered from Chicago.

Determined to create a delicious deep dish from scratch, Grant went into the lab and created bespoke recipes, vowing to not stop until he concocted a pizza that was amazing all the way down to the last bite. To his wife’s surprise, Grant created what is now highly regarded as the best chicago style deep dish in DC…also known as DC Chi Pie.

Our roots are heavily entrenched in DC and you can see that permeate throughout our menu items, our swag and everything that we do. We love how pizza has allowed us to engage with the community and provide jobs to DC residents. Our plan is to educate, uplift, and invest in the community as DC Chi Pie ascends into a global brand.

Make no mistake though, we could not do it without our customers and we appreciate everyone that has supported our business.

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